Buy brand new outdoor furniture items online on the go


The most successful furniture stores in our time provide eye-catching designs of durable outdoor furniture Sale items at the cheapest possible prices. Out of the ordinary elements in these furniture products encourage people buy the most appropriate furniture on the go. You may have some requirements about the overall design, user-friendliness and lifetime of furniture. You have to visit the most reliable furniture store and make a good decision about how to decorate your outdoor with the best suitable furniture stores.

Good quality furniture     

Everyone expects the maximum quality of outdoor furniture manufactured by well-known companies.  They are willing to make use of advanced facilities and narrow down loads of designs of furniture in the outdoor category. They have to be conscious about the quality of the furniture at first. This is because the overall quality of furniture items only gives a good return on investment.

Varieties of furniture

Many homeowners in our time are satisfied with a hassle-free way to compare loads of options in the following varieties of furniture.

  • Aluminium furniture
  • Wrought Iron furniture
  • Wooden furniture
  • Concrete furniture
  • Synthetic wicker and Rattan

Out of the ordinary characteristics of affordable outdoor furniture items encourage many people to buy such furniture for decorating their home.

Buy the right furniture on time

Every person has different requirements about the outdoor furniture in our time. They can fulfil all these requirements when they make use of the professional guidance from experts and make a good decision about their investment in the furniture.  Classic umbrella covered table and dinning sets are recommended for those who like to spend their holidays in the outdoor environment as enjoyably as possible.

The most impressive designs of sofas encourage teenagers and adults to buy the best suitable patio sofa as per their wishes.   Once you have planned to buy this furniture, you have to make sure about your budget, comfort level requirement, the number of seats and other things. This is because you have to prefer a sofa from loads of choices.

There are many things to bear in mind while buying an exceptional design of an affordable outdoor furniture item. However, the most important things are scale of an outdoor area, budget, number of members of the family, who typically use the furniture, colour, style, material and the overall lifetime. You can seek advice from experts in the outdoor furniture sector and make sure about how to buy the right furniture.





Get the important facts about metal roofing


Over the past few decades, the metal roofing is increasing popularity among more and more people. The major reason for the growing popularity of the metal roofing is available in several different types and fairly easy to install. If you are thinking of getting the new roofing system for your home, you have to choose a right metal system over the different types of roofing. These metal roofing systems are not only easy to install, but also extremely durable to use. When you are looking for the perfect roofing material, it is very important to keep in mind that the quality of roofing materials.

When compared to other roofing systems, the metal roofing is a perfect combination of durability as well as affordability. It is one of the highly recommended roofing for houses in which the consumers have to look for the best types of materials to use. But the main thing to be considered in this metal roofing is that do not last for more than twenty years. Before buying a metal roofing material, you should consider how expensive is this and also know how to install a roofing system. The installation process of metal roofing is very tedious and also time consuming that takes a little time to install. This is because; it comes with a panel and can easily into secure and place.

Benefits of metal roofing

The metal roofing is one of the fastest growing choices of roofing material and highly used in re-roofing jobs in the United States. It is also a most popular in some other states due to several reasons. Nowadays, many homeowners are choosing the metal roofing for their homes because it does not need to replace it again and again. The main benefits of using metal roofing is providing greater strength and protection to the users and also available in amazing design options along with metal roofing materials. However, these metal roofs have withstood in all weather conditions from large amounts of heavy snow to high winds. They do not rot and also removes the possibility of insect damage.

Is it right for your home investment?

There are some terrific options of metal roofing available now. This type of metal roof is a major consideration in terms of look as well as cost. It also contains more affordable options which are available in a material of aluminum that brings a good value of money because of its durability and longevity.

How to become a travel agent easily and quickly


A lot of people have a dream of getting career in the travel industry because of their passion and scope of this field. In order to get the travel industry jobs, one should need required skills, creative thoughts, passion to handle different types of customers, and previous experience. If you don’t be familiar with all these things and you are a fresher with the dream of getting career in travel industry, you have to follow these simple tips given by the experts. These tips are provided by the professionals who are currently in the successful position of the travel industry.

Travel agent position:

For being a successful professional in the travel agency, first everyone wants to become the travel agent in the leading company. There are so many travel businesses and companies available in the international level. When one person is skilled and highly experienced as the travel agent, then he/she will get the higher position in such companies. The travel agents are too important to the customers who are looking for the best travelling service from the companies.

As the travel agent, one should be a passionate person and skilled with all services and offers given by the company. A travel agent is a representative of the company to deal with the customers. Understanding the roles of the travel agent and looking on the job portals can help you to get various travel industry jobs opportunities online.

Tips on getting travel agent jobs:

If you are highly passionate in being the travel agent, you have to follow these recommended tips.

  1. For being a travel agent in a particular region, you have to visit all important places there and be familiar with all related information. It will be very helpful to improve your job opportunities in the abroad nations. Gathering details about various places will surely help everyone becoming a remarkable travel agent in the leading travel company.
  2. A lot of travel companies are posting their vacancies on the travel magazines, online job portals, and their official websites. It is highly essential to read travel magazines often to know about the job vacancies. You should also register your details on the famous job portals in order to get the frequent job details from the various international travel companies.

Whatever your experience in the travel industry, you should follow these tips to get your dream career easily.





Necessary for healthy beehives for right beekeeping supplies


Now days, a lot of people especially who want to make a small business would like to involve themselves in beekeeping. Raising a pet like cat or dog takes only a little specialized equipment whereas beekeeping engages educating the people regarding all procedures, supplies, and techniques to raise the healthy bees. When you get improper education of useless methods, it will put you and your beekeeping business in a dangerous situation. The beekeepers have to avoid all related potential dangers by easily using the most suitable beekeeping supplies.

Understanding beekeeping:

First of all, a beekeeping is a fun but trendy procedure followed by most of the small business persons these days. Most of the people are starting this business in a small size but they are getting more income today. The raising of bees and extraction of natural honey requires special equipment with the proper maintenance. The bee keepers have to manage and maintain colony of bees using the proper and specialized beekeeping equipment.

At the same time, the bee keepers should also consider your personal safety while dealing with the bees. Everyone already knows that the sting of the bees causing pain. You should protect yourself by wear any kind of protective clothing when you are a bee keeper. For the bee keepers, there are so many different types of bee proof protective clothing available in the market.  If you are choosing an outfit with the gloves, veil, hat, and also a suit, it is a useful and protective clothing to deal with your beekeeping supplies better.

Some essential tips for beekeepers:

When you are dealing with the beekeeping procedure and supplies, you have to follow these necessary tips.

  • The first tip suggested by the expert beekeepers would be to have the best solid hive hit which completely fits your current location to raise the bees. You can see many types of bee hives now in the market. Among them, it is better purchasing wooden hives to grow bees or you can also choose polystyrene hives.
  • Next one is that when the beekeepers are piecing your hive together, it is necessary to look at the measurements of the frames and also make sure they are suitable for the size of hives.
  • Similarly, you should consider purchasing a wonderful and safe beekeeping kit that has a bee hive along with the necessary tools.




Finding the importance of hiring professional building inspectors


Buying a home or office property is actually a very big investment for all. To make your investment worthy and useful, you should be conscious in many important things. Now days, there are so many online companies providing professional building inspecting services to find a right property which suits your needs and requirements. Before buying a particular property for your personal or commercial needs, it is better hiring such a great building inspection service. The skilled and experienced staffs at such companies will inspect all aspects of your building in detail and provide you a builders report with all information. With the result of this report, you can decide buying that specific building for sale.

Why getting building inspection service?

  • If you want to purchase any house or commercial property, you should immediately consider professional pre-purchase building inspection reports.
  • These reports are very helpful to all buyers fully examine a quality of the property you are interested in.
  • In fact you will find that a particular property sounds good in quality for your investment, don’t wait and just buy it immediately.
  • When you are not satisfied with any factor mentioned in the builders report, you have to wait to correct it or try for another best property for your office or residence.
  • Getting such building inspection report will definitely expose any maintenance or the structural defects which may exist.
  • Anything you will find in this report will be helpful to make your decision correct to choose a right property for your needs.

Pre-purchase property inspection:

While you are searching for the best and experienced professional house or commercial property inspection service, you should consider license, authenticity, and previous experience of a particular company in such types of inspections. If a property inspection company is very good in examining all internal and external aspects such as plumbing, electrical, pest control, and also mechanical features of the building, it is a right place where you can get true report to inspect your property correctly.

Drainage, car parks, facets of the property, water connections, and everything will also be inspected well and reported on for your needs. This inspection report will be greatly helpful to make a decision on investing on a specific residential or commercial property for your needs. Hire a trustworthy inspector who can provide detailed inspection report of your interested property.

Tips to choose the right kitchen modelling service?


When you have decided to sell your home at the best price then you need to know some essential things to do. Actually, the modernized home can provide you the best value to your home when you sell it. For this reason, the home remodelling process is taken by the homeowners to add the value to their home in the best manner. However, the renovation in the kitchen can definitely provide you wonderful feature in your home in the most effective manner. When it comes to renovating your home and kitchen, then there is a wide range of kitchen renovations Melbourne available and so you can choose the best one to decorate your home. In this article, you can see how to select the best authorized kitchen remodelling services to make your best.

How to choose the remodelling service?

If you have decided to remodel your kitchen, then it is better to go with the professional people who can give you the remodelling service in the best manner. In such a way, you can ask your friends or relatives who have recently altered their kitchen with the remodelling services. So, you can ask for their recommendation to choose the best one. However, it is also a nice thing to the local hardware shop and asks them for the referrals.

Moreover, the internet provides the details of the kitchen renovations Melbourne and so you can also refer them to get the best. When you select the right contractor to remodel your kitchen, you need to ensure whether the respective professionals can offer the affordable and quality services to you.

The most important thing you have to check up before choosing the right contractor is looking for their experience. In that manner, it is better to select the contractor who has enough experience and the skill in the respective field.  Additionally, you can also ask about their previous projects which have been made in the kitchen remodelling. If you have satisfied with their work, then you can select them to remodel your kitchen.

Cost is the most important and crucial thing to start every process and the same way, the remodelling kitchen also needs some money. So, it is better to go with the kitchen remodelling service who expects lowest rate with the branded quality of service. In this manner, you have to keep these things in your mind while choosing the remodelling services.



High quality graphic design in Auckland


Today, the graphic designs and website logo are very essential for every business for getting global and internet friendly. If your website wants to grab a lot of attention from the visitors, you need to hire a good graphic design company. The graphic design Auckland companies can always offer a high quality graphic designing and development services to the customers at affordable prices. With the help of reputed graphic design company, the visitors are impressed by your website, chances of success and profit will be high. However, only the best website graphic designer will take your business to the highest level.

On the other hand, a good graphic design will motivate the people to communicate with you in the different ways. Actually, the graphic design is a visual representation that includes a skillful combination of pictures, texts and functions for performing a specific task to communicate the viewers. Nowadays, these graphic designs are most important for developing and growing your industry when compared to others. It has always stayed up-to-date with the new evolving technology and software together with the latest trends in this field. So, it is always crucial to keep on improving your domain knowledge to survive in this industry.

Profits to select a graphic designing company in Auckland

When it comes to business, the web is one of the strongest mediums to promote your online business. If you have a strong online presence for any business, then it helps to attract the target audience towards your products as well as services provided by the business. To promote your online business effectively, you need to hire the skilled, professional and experienced graphic designers who support you to develop user friendly graphics for your website. In these days, the website designing and graphic designing services are always in demand so you just look for the eye-catching graphic design company who helps you to drive the traffic to your website.

Graphic design offers easy, quick and targeted results

Generally, the reputed graphic designing company develops a strategy to meet all the designing needs according to client’s requirements. The proficient experts in graphic design Auckland firm are using smart, clear and eye-catching images for your products that obtain easy, quick and targeted results for you. This dedicated team of professionals in Auckland is always updating themselves with the latest industry trends as well as customer preferences based on its required designs and develops websites to grab the customer’s attention.



old stuff

tats & Stuff

High School: Douglas High, Winston OR

College: USC

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers

Associated Press’ second-team All-Pro squad…is a ferocious hitter with excellent speed…assumed the starting strong safety position in 2004.

2004: Finished tied for second on the team (with Chris Hope) during the regular-season with 97 total tackles (66 solo)…9/12 vs. Oakland: finished with six total tackles (three solo)…9/9 at Baltimore: made play after play on defense and helped hold Ravens’ running back Jamal Lewis to 62 yards…led the team with 14 tackles (10 solo)…9/26 at Miami: recorded his first pro interception and returned it 10 yards…finished with six total tackles (four solo)…also was credited with one pass defensed…played all 61 defensive snaps…10/3 vs. Cincinnati: scored the first TD of his pro career on a dramatic interception, which he returned 26 yards to seal the Steelers victory…his second interception in as many weeks…finished with six total tackles (five solo)…also was credited with two passes defensed…10/10 vs. Cleveland: finished with four total tackles (two solo)…also was credited with one quarterback hurry/pressure and one pass defensed…logged all 59 defensive plays…10/17 at Dallas: registered seven total tackles (six solo)…was credited with two passes defensed…played all 63 defensive snaps…10/31 vs. New England: finished with three total tackles (two solo)…was credited with one pass defense…played all 55 plays…also one solo special-teams tackle…11/7 vs. Philadelphia: led the team with six total tackles, all solo…played 37 defensive snaps…11/14 at Cleveland: produced the first multiple interception game of his career…finished with two interceptions, giving him a team high four for the season…also recorded five total tackles (four solo)…11/21 at Cincinnati: finished with five total tackles (two solo)…was credited with one pass defense…played all 46 defensive snaps…11/28 vs. Washington: made some big hits once again…finished with seven total tackles (six solo)…logged all 56 defensive snaps…12/5 at Jacksonville: registered six total tackles (four solo)…also was credited with one pass defense and one special-teams tackle…played all 66 defensive plays…12/12 vs. N.Y. Jets: increased his team interception lead to five with a nifty first-quarter pick that set up the Steelers’ first score of the game…returned the interception 22 yards…finished nine tackles (five solo) and a pass defense…12/18 at N.Y. Giants: registered six total tackles (four solo)…was credited with two passes defensed and two special-teams tackles (one solo)…logged all 48 defensive plays…12/26 vs. Baltimore: collected four total tackles (two solo)…also was credited with a quarterback hurry/pressure…played all 54 defensive snaps…1/2/05 at Buffalo: registered his first sack of the season (for seven yards), the third of his career, in his limited action…played 12 defensive snaps…1/15/05 vs. N.Y. Jets: registered the first postseason interception of his career…returned it 14 yards…finished with seven total tackles (four solo)…also was credited with a pass defense…1/23/05 vs. New England: finished with seven total tackles, including six solo stops.

2003: 9/7 vs. Baltimore: Played 30 defensive snaps…was credited with one solo special-teams tackle. 9/14 at Kansas City: Played 14 defensive snaps…finished with two tackles (one solo)…also was credited with one solo special-teams tackle. 9/21 at Cincinnati: Finished with three assists…played 16 defensive snaps…also was credited with two special-teams tackles (one solo). 9/28 vs. Tennessee: Had two assists…also was credited with one quarterback hurry/pressure…logged 12 defensive plays. 10/5 vs. Cleveland: Registered one solo tackle…played 26 defensive snaps…also was credited with two special-teams tackles (one solo). 10/12 at Denver: Registered one solo tackle…also was credited with two quarterback hurries/pressures and one solo special-teams tackle…logged nine defensive plays. 10/26 vs. St. Louis: Just missed his first career interception when he stepped in front of a Marc Bulger pass but had the balls go through his hands…finished with four total tackles (three solos)…also was credited with a quarterback hurry and one pass defensed…played 41 defensive snaps. 11/2 at Seattle: Logged 17 defensive snaps…was credited with three special-teams tackles (one solo). 11/9 vs. Arizona: Finished with one solo tackle…also was credited with one quarterback hurry/pressure and one solo special-teams tackle…played 43 defensive snaps. 11/17 at San Francisco: Was credited with two solo tackles and three total special-teams tackles (one solo). 11/23 at Cleveland: Had his most productive day as a pro despite three key penalties…finished with four total tackles (two solos)…also was credited with a team-high four special-teams tackles (three solos) and three quarterback hurries/pressures…played 54 defensive snaps. 11/30 vs. Cincinnati: Registered his first career…played 29 defensive snaps…finished with four total tackles (all solos). 12/7 vs. Oakland: Had one assist and two solo special-teams tackles…also was credited with one pass defense…played 18 defensive snaps. 12/14 at N.Y. Jets: Had one assist…played 11 defensive snaps. 12/21 vs. San Diego: Registered his second career sack on which he forced his first fumble that was recovered by Deshea Townsend and led to a Steelers’ TD…finished with two total tackles (one solo)…also was credited with one pass defense and three special-teams assist. 12/28 at Baltimore: Recorded one assisted tackle…also was credited with a quarterback hurry/pressure…logged 29 defensive plays.

COLLEGE: Was a three-year starter who became the Trojans’ first two-time All- American since Tony Boselli (1992, 1994)…was one of three finalists for the 2002 Jim Thorpe Award, given to the nation’s top defensive back…recorded 278 tackles with 29 stops behind the line of scrimmage, six interceptions (returned three for touchdowns), 13 pass deflections, two fumble recoveries and four blocked punts during his career. 2002: Voted All-American first-team selection by The NFL Draft Report, Associated Press, Walter Camp, Football News, CBS Sportsline and ESPN, earning second-team honors from The Sporting News during his senior season…was one of three finalists for the Jim Thorpe Award…All-Pacific 10 Conference first-team choice…was a team captain and recipient of the team’s Most Inspirational Player Award and Co Lifter Award…started every game except against California…finished third on the team with 68 tackles (53 solo), including three sacks and nine stops for losses…intercepted one pass and deflected four others. 2001: Was a Football Writers Association, The NFL Draft Report and College & Pro Football News-Weekly All-American first-team selection, adding second-team by the Associated Press and third-team recognition from Football News…also was an All-Pac-10 Conference first-team pick…was a team captain and USC’s first All-American safety since Mark Carrier in 1989…also won USC’s MVP Award…led team with 118 tackles (79 solo), including 13 for losses (with a 2-yard sack) and six passes defensed…had a team best three interceptions, including two run back for touchdowns…also had two forced fumbles, a fumble recovery (to set up a TD), three blocked punts and three punt returns for 27 yards (9.0 avg.)…his 118 tackles were the most by a Trojan safety since Tim McDonald had 140 in 1986. 2000: Received All-Pac 10 honorable mention honors as a sophomore…started all 12 games at strong safety…finished second on the team in tackles with 83 (including 5 for losses), plus he tied for the team lead in both pass deflections (7) and interceptions (2). 1999: Played regularly as a backup safety and linebacker as a freshman…appeared in eight games, making 12 tackles, including two sacks for minus-28 yards, forced two fumbles, broke up a pass and blocked a punt…majored in general studies.

PERSONAL: Attended Douglas (Ore.) High School…named to 1998 Super Prep All-Northwest, Tacoma News Tribune Western 100 and All-Far West League second team as a senior…played running back and defensive back…averaged six touchdowns a season…was an All-State center fielder and two-time All-League basketball player…brother, Kaio Aumua, played football at Texas-El Paso…is the nephew of former USC fullback Kennedy Pola (1982-85), now the Trojans’ running backs coach and special-teams coordinator…has another uncle, Al Pola, who played football at Penn State…has a cousin, Nicky Sualua, who was a running back with the Cincinnati Bengals and the Dallas Cowboys and attended Ohio State…is also the cousin of Leie Sualua, who was a defensive lineman at Oregon; and Joe Polamalu, who played for Oregon State in 1987 and 1988…is the son of Suila Polamalu…has one brother, Sakio Aumua, and three sisters, Tria Aumua, Sheila Aumua and Lupe Aumua…grew up with cousins Joe Polamalu, Darren Polamalu and Brandon Polamalu…lives in Tenmile, Oregon…Full name: Troy Aumua Polamalu.

All above information is from the Pittsburgh Steeler Website

old guest book

Name Email Comments
Brian West I hope everyone likes the site that I have built. Troy keep hitting hard and good luck the rest of the year. I hope to see you pretty soon as it has been along time. See you later.Brian West
Kelly Carey Troy rulez. You have made the back and gold exciting to watch again…here’s to you hopefully retiring a Steeler a long time into the future.
Kenny Pola Good job Darren & Brandon on the launch of this site, it looks great. It sure makes it an easy sell when Troy does what he does. Darren, Brandon & Troy keep up the great work & Merry Christmas. Send me some jerky!!!!
Les Bishop Troy, You’re a true warrior and the black and gold is back! Keep head hunting, hitting and flying all over the field. Take care, Les Bishop
Dave Malloy As former VP of Douglas High School, and colleague of Joe P., my wife Lisa and I are proud to bring Troy’s legacy to Cascade, MT. The website is great, guys! The shirts hit as hard as Troy!
Bob Malovich My wife questioned why I was spending $300 on a steelers jersey for this “guy with the long hair” and then he shows up on the cover of sport illustrated a few months later! I said “that’s why!” HERE WE GO STEELERS!
Val Pederson Dar & Bran, great job on the website, I love the T-shirts. Troy great job on the football field and your life. Miss you all & Merry Christmas! Val
Nona malo also samoan.moved here from american samoa back in staying in upstate new york.thank you for representing the samoan people also the whole pacific are 1 true ambassador.God bless you.tofa soifua.nona
Michael Peters You guys did a great job on the web site, hope you all have a great holiday, Darren and Brandon say hello to Joe and your Mom and Dad. Troy have fun at the Pro Bowl
Erik go Troy! you’re the best! you’re my favorite defensive player!!! i hope you remain a steeler until the day you retire! go black and gold!
Nua Pola-Rose Okay … I ordered a sweater and the 2X better be enough X’s to cover me … ha-ha (I emailed ya’ll)Great website cuzzo’s… tell ur parents I said hello. Love ya
Jossie Oh, I am in Troy heaven! Thank you, Nua, for sending me this site! Aaaaaaa! I’m going crazy over here, you have no idea!
RAMBO Pola tell yo momz to stay a lil bit more in town, cuz i am enjoin’ house sittin for her. the ALL-AC house, but tell yo momz dont worry, val and matt will pay the billZ.. later UCE
Lita Sagato I just want to wish Troy a prosperous career and continued success! I am very proud to see such a hard working and talented Samoan brother doing what he loves best! Troy, you have a whole lot of support out this way(Utah)! Keep it up!
Tofa and Trask We are so excited to read about the Samoan Headhunter, Troy..and we love to watch you play this season. Thanks guys for getting this site going we’ll definitely keep coming back. Tell Sarona and Anna hello from me. Love Tofa, and Trask.
Ron Disco Troy yur friggin rad dude. killer hair dude. they ought to let you play some friggin qb or something dude. anyway, keep on hittin’ like an eighteen wheeler dude. rock on! Ron Disco
Greg Schmitt Troy is the man, enough said. He has been my favorite Steeler for the past couple of years and will be as long as he is a Steeler.
Candy Robinson Coming from such a small place in Oregon-probably don’t realize that you’ve given inspiration & heart to many kids.I talk of your success often to the kids at Winston Middle. YOU make watching Monday night fb a blast-Love the hair.
Derek Francis This site ROCKS! Troy is the man & the shirts are COOL! I saw another shirt that said Flyin’ Hawaiian, dude that’s so wrong when the Samoan Warrior is more accurate. I noticed Pittsburgh is spelled wrong though on here as Pittsburg.
Michael Scott Kline Troy is the man,love watching him play!!! As a life long Steeler fan, I love what he brings to this defense!!
Debra Korn Hello to Troy. I have been a Steeler fan for 30 years. It has been a great experience watching him on the field. I am a true fan.
Randy Richardson Troy, you are still the man even in the NFL. I hope to see you if you ever come back to town! Take care and best of luck to you.
Julius Jackson 44″ vert. Zero to forty yards in 4.35 seconds. 225 lbs for 30 reps. Murderer on the field pacifist off the field. This cat Troy- he a bad mutha shut yo mouth! These shirts are off the hizzy!
Brandon Williams I like that you went to Douglas High. I will go to Douglas when I’m older. I am only 10 years old. You are my favorite player. I hope that I can meet you someday. I have a friend Jerry Stoffal who knows you.
Brock Koone How was the draft expierence. I’m glad you made it to my favorite team.Brandon Williams is my best friend and we both know Jerry Stoffal.We both hope to go to you’re level and perform like you.
Leie Sualua NIIIICE, can’t wait to see someone in the stands of a Steeler game wearing the merch on T.V. Now, All you need to do is throw some afros on the website and your set. Everything looks great, tell all much alofas. Oh, and Happy New year
Homo Yoko hey troy please win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tim Sustaire Good work on the website Brandon. How are things? Haven’t seen you guys forever. Need to hoop one of these days. Troy, your awesome man, keep laying that hat!!! I’ll be ordered that T-Shirt pretty soon.
Erick Stookey Just wanted to tell Salu and Shelly happy holidays, Billie too.
Tim Fallon Good things come to those who work hard. You’re a great role model Troy! Keep up the good work. My shirt fits great!
Koke Pomele Jr Keep up the good job “uce”…hoping to meet up with you face to face soon. God bless and take care…good luck with the rest of the season…much alofas for the whole family.
Koke Pomele Jr Great job Darren and Brandon!!! I really like the sweatshirts, so I will order after I get back from the field…ya’ll take care and send our alofas to your parents, Anna and baby Ta’ele and the rest of the family…
Mrs Black N Gold I’m so glad to find a website devoted to my favorite Steeler, Troy Polamalu! Look for Troy to have a big game against the Bungles on Sunday. Go Steelers!
Corbett Mullins The “Samoan Headhuhter” shirt is AWESOME. I have been a steelers fan forever. Troy and the Polamalu family are great people. My children went to high school with them. I will tell everyone, I am soooo proud.
Andrea Foster andreailv43@aol I just happened to find this website today. I am a huge Troy fan! Troy you are an outstanding person both on and off the field, and a great role model for young athletes. Good luck on Sunday!!!!
Jessie Rose Ingham Hi Troy, this is Jessie Rose. I am 6 years old and I go to Sutro school. I love to watch you play football. I just started watching football with my dad this year and now I love it. Please write me back someday.
Jessie Rose Ingham Thanks for the great site, ever since my daughter started watching Steeler football w/me she has been a fan of Troy’s. Thanks for being a Steeler and a good role model. Jessie Rose’s Dad…
Dan Weber Troy – Congrats on all that you have accomplished. You really have brought a lot of pride to Douglas High, it was great playing with you my freshman year. -“Thunder Dan”.
Mike Brown Hello troy Its been a few years since we played summer baseball you, me,stookey,standrige,shoop,glad to see you doing so well and you couldnt have been on a better team,*GO STEELERS* Take care and may god keep on blessing you,Mike Brown
the allens Hey Troy, GREAT game on sunday! way to go! wanted to stop by and check out your page and send you Allen love and support! good luck on the upcoming game, go get em’!!! Alofas, The Allen family
Mrs Black N Gold Troy, great game on Sunday! The defense looked awesome. Go out and kick Indy butt this week!
Carrie Pola I just received my t-shirt and I love it. Darren and Brandon you guys did a great job on the website. you’ll be give Uncle Salu, Aunt Shelly and the rest of the fam. our love!!! Love you all Carrie Pola.
sharmon quick troy you a wonderful player i love you and the steelers!!! please come to somers point shore memorial hospital with hines, jerome, ben, joey just to give me an autograph pictures of all of you
Autumn Breitwieser Taylor Quality website, love the design elements, layout, logos etc., Cant wait for my t-shirts! Troy, you are THE HIGHLIGHT of our mondays and sundays, dont ever cut your hair, I can finally follow a whole play! We support you in Salem, OR!
Ted Martch Troy……. keeping those Pittsburgh People fired up….. they love you! Sorry I missed you the last time I was home. The DHS Special Olympics athletes all say “hello” .
Maria Greig I am a big Steeler fan and am excited that someone from Oregon is on the team! Good luck in Sunday’s game. The Steelers will always be #1 in my book!
Trisha Bilderback Smith No you don’t know me, but I know the fam…went to the same high school…love to watch you play…keep on putting Oregon on the map…lot’s of love to Salu and Shelley…
mateo portonova your troy your a beast its maikas friend
Megan Crossland My Principal is Mr. Malloy, He tells me all about you. My Dad used to live near Pittsburgh so we’ve been big Steeler’s fans. We love watching you play!! Good luck for the rest of the season Troy and teammates!!!
garnet latu hey there erryone!! jus wanted to come in and say dat mah nephews and my cuzzins go crazy when they saw u on SI… shoot, they was full on screaming and shouting!! come to find out…seh, o le kama samoa!! malo lava troy, o ou mama na!!
Osled Hey! Nice site! How about some kid’s sizes for the t-shirts? Go Stillers! Send Payton packing!
nona talofa Troy.Goodluck against the colts.Thank u for making us samoan people proud.i know that the whole pacific nation is pulling for you.thats how we do it back in samoa.the blood connection will always be thicker.God bless
Tereasa Miller Great site Troy!!!!!!!! Hope you have a great game this sunday against the Colts! When are you gonna put some kids stuff on the site?I have a 4 year old that adores you!Good luck and god bless~The Millers
MENNY AND LEPA TAUALO Whats up dog, very proud of u, U R one hardcore S-O-L-E Braddah. Keep representing THE POLAMALU PHAM BAM CLAN.ALOFA TELE IA OE. God Bless and keep up the good work.LUV YAH.
Stephanie Just wanted to say thanks to Troy for introducing me to football. From the first time I seen him play I was hooked and cannot get enough! He rocks and always will. I wear his jersey with pride!!!
Angela Davis woooooo TROY POLAMALU!!!!!
Patti Troy Polamalu is the most exciting player in the NFL. Best wishes for his continued success and for a safe, lengthy career. Thanks for a great website.
Beverly Pollock Troy – it’s a pleasure to watch you play. You give allot of inspiration to me. Take care.
Sherry Troy, Please give my congratulations to all of the Steelers and your coaching staff. I can’t be prouder to be a Steeler Fan. Go crush the orange……..I will post next sunday after we have another win and will talk about the super bowl.
nona talofa Troy.Another great win.totally deserve the victory.Good things happen to good people.God bless all u the way.that was a clean interception.much alofas. nona(another samoan bradda)
Danni GO STEELERS!! I love ya Troy!! Your awesome!!
Nicole Troy Your the Best,Your an Animal Out there.. Steelers have a great team…..P.s. That should have been a Interception… Good Luck… I Met Your Family. there great.
Cheryl Ryan GREAT Site Brandon and Darren!!! Troy is rockin out there!!! Shelley and Billie I love you!!! Hope to see all of you in the Spring. Cheryl
Nikki Troy you Rock….Good luck On Sunday…… Go Steelers ….. God bless
Mrs Black N Gold Troy, good luck to you and the rest of the Steelers. Kick some Broncos butt and bring home a winner!
Love Blessed Be Troy! You are a Golden Force To Be Reckoned With…A True Inspiration. God’s Speed Be Yours!
Josh and Kelsey I am 9 years old and my sister Kelsey is 11. We admire you because you say a prayer on the side line. I want to be just like you when I grow up.
Shawn Damon Troy, Good luck in Denver. You have been a joy to watch on the field. Keep up the great hustle and keep the Black and Gold #1! Shawn Damon(Erie,Pa)
me hey. nice site. need more on it though. Anyway, Troy keep playing tough, just dont throw the ball in anyone’s face anymore =) Good Luck against Denver, hopefully you’ll pick off plummer a few times. Best wishes -Me =)
Pat and Patti Hi Troy :O) Everyone at the Starting Gate in Los Alamitos CA are cheering you all on! We are with you all the way! Take care.
Keoki V of LA Aloha, Troy! You are an outstanding player, and reading that you like to read the Bible and value honesty most, makes you a great person too. Mahalo! You make Polynesians and so many others proud! Keep on doing what you’re doing. God bless!
Kathy Conley Hi, Troy! We are so proud of you! You’re classy and kind, that means a lot. I’m proud when students ask if I knew you. I can say that you’re just as great off field as on field. Keep up the great work! Mrs. C
Jack Acosta Yo Troy, keep doing what you do best. Light it up uce! You’ve got a lot of huge fans out here in Garden Grove, Ca. I’ve met one of your sister’s out here on the softball field…HANG LOOSE BROTHA!!!
cooper clegg hey everyone good job on the game troy amazing cacth that should have been a pick..i just wanted to wish you guys luck and i hope you guys win this is our year our time to shine GO PITTSBURGH!!!!!!
JUNIOR Yo Troy you have raised the bar for what a true Hamo can be!! God bless you uso!!!!!
Kyle Bailey We talked about this site on KQEN in Roseburg…….Good luck Sunday! You are making Roseburg/Winston very proud….
Justin Hi Troy, you are my fvaorite player. Good luck. JUSTIN ZANONE.
cooper clegg amd colson hey this is cooper and colson great job on the website and the shirts are awsome and if yall win on sunday we are gonna buy 2 troy polamalu jerseys and run up and down the street yelling go steelers!!!
jeff kathy taler jordan stookey hey great web site. we are all #1 fans of you troy!!! hope you make it to the superbowl. you are taler and jordans idol. grandma and grandpa stookey send there love. GO TROY!!!!!
jennie best defensive player in football right now. see ya in the superbowl
nona talofa troy.right now,the almighty lord is figuring out another way to make jason elams final goal kick miss.also, our samoan forefathers and warriors are watching u from heaven.Goodluck uso.God bless.
John Bell The steeler nation is going strong in palm beach gardens Fla.. have a great game go steelers!!!!!!!
Keiona Foucha You are so awesome! I love to watch you play. You are always where the ball is. You are one of the best in the NFL.
Megan Crossland Great game against the Broncos I’am glad your going to Detroit good luck at the Superbull i’ll be watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Megan Crossland GREAT GAME AGAINST THE BRONCOS IAM GLAD YOUR GOING TO DETROIT I’LL BE WATCHING GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dustin Risner Dear Mr Polamalu, I go to school with your cousin Paul in Winston, Oregon He is like my best friend! Congrats on Super bowl
Dustin Risner Dear Mr Polamalu, I go to school with your cousin Paul in Winston, Oregon He is like my best friend! Congrats on Super bowl
Kelli Troy, I really like to watch you play. The only thing that I wanted for christmas was a Polamalu jersey. I would love to get your autograph sometime.
Craig Smith Hi there, I work with Ken coaching in Arizona. Nice playoffs! When asks you to sign something, it’s usually for me. haha You attitude is impressive. You are the only autograph I have.
Carol Hobson Hi Guys!!! Great Site….Tell Troy congratulations on the STEELERS win today!!! Shelley…still waiting for Cheryl’s help to make the CD of pics from the reunion….Hopefully she can help soon!!! TTFN Carol
Wanita Republic Washingson is just bigger than Tenmile and you have fans here too. You will have to ask your buddy Josh Schenewerk how this happened. We will have on our Troy shirts for the SUPERBOWL!
Sherazona Troy, thank you for being such a strong spirit to this tremendous team. You are an incredible force, and represent what young athletes should all aspire to be. Good luck in Detroit, and thank you for keeping faith alive and up front.
nona talofa troy.great win over the more.damn,this superbowl will be awesome.two samoan warriors on defense(lofa tatupu,seahawks linebacker).thank u for opening doors for other pacific players to follow suite.
Leslie Thank you to Troy for giving everything he has every single game. You make it so much fun to watch the Steelers play! Good Luck in the SuperBowl!!
Melissa Go Steelers! Troy you make the game so much fun to watch! Love to see you flying through the air! Handle the Sea hawks!!!!!!!!!!! Go Steelers!!!!
Nua Pola-Rose Just got back from Philly yesterday and why at the airport the majority of peeps esp the ladies was rockin’ Troy’s Jersey while I was rockin’ da Samoan HeadHunter sweater woo woo ha-ha Troy ur famous … !! LOL
J Bick Troy you are amazing. YOu are a flying samoan. No one can even compete to your ability in football. Please Troy never cut your hair, it makes your, you. Hope all goes well with u and the STeelers. Good Luck in Superbowl 40
Malcolm Naylor nice season so far troy. keep up the good hard hits.see ya when you get back. bring it home for us. later, malcolm, Nose gard from DHS
Julie Stoddard My husband and I love to watch Troy play. We live in Coos Bay OR and are die hard Steelers fans. Troy you look and do great out on that field. Keep up the great faith that you have. Good luck to you in your first Superbowl. God Bless!!!
Julie You rock, Troy! Watched the game in Las Vegas with fellow Steeler fans. Met your cousin Nephi and the Carnival Bar at Harrah’s after the game and had a great time celebrating with all. Time to go rock Detroit with a Superbowl XL win!!
Mary of Miami Beach Congratulations, Troy! You must be so excited to be in your first Superbowl. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, so I’ve had lots of favorite Steelers. You have zoomed to the top of the list. GO TROY GO STEELERS BRING IT HOME!
Rebecca Withey I haven’t had this much fun watching football since I was 12 years old sitting next to my father watching Joe Montana and the 49ers. I’ve been a die hard Steeler fans for three years now and you are my favorite player by far. GO STEELERS!
Mark Withey I was a Ram fan for 38 years (I am 44 years old now). I am now permanently a Steeler fan, and you are a large part of the reason why. Thank you for your great play and God bless.
Leona Tate Way to represent the Pacific Islanders brah.I am hapahaole.I grew up in Tennessee and have mad love for Peyton and Dungy but you made me a Steelers fan all the way around.And way to represent the Islander hair!Sexy as hell brah!
Tammera Its so awesome that you guys made a site for Troy. Troy you are amazing. GO STEELERS!
Michele There’s no doubt that you’re an amazing talent on the field, but your personal qualities are even more impressive. You are so kind and generous – a true role model for so many. Pittsburgh is proud to have you – hope you retire here!
Ron Sanders I think that you have made most of Douglas County Steeler fans….Best of luck with your career you have already achieved what most can only dream about.. God Bless…
Aaron Keiper OMG, where do I start? Born in da’ Burgh and now live in Indianapolis. Grats on a hella game, and sorry bout that BS interception call! Just letting you know you have diehard fans in Indianapolis…..GO STEELERS!!!!!
Barb You are wonderful to watch and give so much more the word football go get em Troy!
Koke Pomele MALO SOLE!!! Great game on Sunday. CONGRATS for winning the AFC Champs and thanks for representing the “aiga” and “hamo” love…wishing u the best on “Super Bowl XL” with lots of alofas…
Mrs Black N Gold Troy, congratulations to you and the rest of the Steelers and coaching staff for your AFC Championship. Now, it’s on to Detroit where we’ll roll to a Super Bowl victory! Go Steelers!
Kenny Pola Troy keep up the good work, the world & the NFL seems to be taken by you but, you’ll always be the little cousin that ate too much candy to me. LOL!
Lindsay hey troy your my favorite player.. When the game is on your the only one that i watch..I have looked every wher for you shirt just with you hair, cause i love your hair.. good luck with the superbowl..
H Corey Troy you are one of the most exciting players to watch in the NFL today. I love watching you go after EVERY play. You show tons of dedication and drive. A true Pittsburgh Steeler player !!! We love you and go and win one in Detroit.
Jody Hogan Great Season Troy! You’re energy and compassion should be an inspiration to everyone! Good Luck in Detroit!!
Melissa Pittsburgh PA Troy,Congrats on the AFC Championship! I am a huge Steelers fan and think you are an awesome player! My fiance has been looking for your college jersey…Does anyone know where I could order an USC #43 Polamalu jersey?
Raymond Niver Age 7 Dear Troy, GOOD LUCK at the Super Bowl and keep flying around the field. A tip for you…watch out for the running back and the QB! please make T-shirts in kids sizes. P.S. Keep up the Good work! From: Raymond Niver
Cheryl Ryan Thanks for the fast shipping guys!!! The sweatshirt came on Sara’s birthday…She was so excited to get it!!! Thank you again. Cheryl
Julia Finally a website dedicated to my favorite Steeler. See you in Detroit. LETS GO STEELERS!!!!
Todd Troy- Your the best Strong Saftey that I have seen in a long while. I believe your intensity brings out the greatness. Keep up the great job Troy! Keep kickin ass. Here we go Steelers, here we go! Everybody sing it!
George Troy, I just can’t say enough on how much a love to watch you kick ASS on the field. Keep up the great job that you are doing. HERE WE GO STEELERS. BRING IT HOME BABY!!!!!
Scott Bay Brandon shoot me an email if you get this message. I went to LBCC with you, until I broke my knee. I think about you every time I play a city league game. Best of luck to your bro in the superbowl. mahalo
cj hughes Good luck in the super bowl. I hope to play as good as you someday. I am 7yrs. old and your toughest fan. Hit em hard! Go Steelers!!!!!!!
Menny Taualo Aloha!!Good game,Good play…Boy,We love you man!!!Good luck on the Super Bowl.. See you in paradise 4 the Pro Bowl…M.T.
YOUR NUMBA ONE PHAN IN HAWAII Aloha!!Good game,Good play…Boy,We love you man!!!Good luck at the Super Bowl.. See you in paradise 4 the Pro Bowl..
Jared La Verne hey i friggen love troy…he is my hero…im a 14 year pld and i live from his home town…i hope 1 day i can be has good has him…and i love the go get the sehawks and WIN the SUPER BOWL!!!!
LeRoy and Bev Troy what an example you are too so many young people as well as us seniors, Godbless you in all you do. Brandon and Darrin you have done a great job with this site.
Kenny Pola Hey I got my shirt. I’ve been wearing it out something terrible. Nikki had to tell me to wear something else…three days later!!!LOL!!! Looking forward to the new design. Love ya guys!
David Marks Working with Ken here at Skyline HS in Arizona, and having been born in Pittsburgh 43 years ago, I appreciate all that Troy has done for the Steelers, Pittsburgh, and especially his family. Go Steelers
Dilan Martin Hey watz up Troy this is the little Martin Boy. Kristie little bro. Just wanted to say love watching u play. It just brings back memories of you karaoking at my house and playing dunk hoops. Steeler You Rock!!!!!!!!!!!
Brian Ortis Troy good luck in the super bowl I also go to Douglas High go trojans!
David Ingram Hey Troy, i play football at DHS!great job this year and congrats on the probowl/superebowl!!YOU ROCK! you should come back and visit sometime!
Chelce marlow and Jessica Bell Hey troy I’m jessica bells friend and she has a broken foot and thinks shes handicap so I’m writing you to tell you hi from the both of us. Go Steelers
Tim Mizell Troy,You have taken over my son Zach’s heart.To him you are Mr.Football.I’m glad my son has chosen you as his favorite player. You are an outstanding role model for todays kids. Please keep up the great work. Tim Mizell
Cameron and Shelby Filley So cool to have Troy to root for! Love to all his “home” team here in Douglas County. Take care and good luck in the Super Bowl! Cam & Shelby, YMCA & UCC basketball friends of the family.
Andy Spurlin Hey Troy hope you get your first ring this year. My Dad knows your uncle Suila and your cousin Joe. My parents graduated from Douglas and I plan to good luck and I hope that you are able to go back to the Super Bowl in the future.
RJ Rakow I became friends with Troy right when he came to pittsburgh. You will never meet a more humble and down to earth person anywhere. He deserves everything he has acheived!! The site looks awesome you guys did a great job!!
Kristie Martin Hey Troy keep up the good work. The Martin Family will be cheering for your team on Super Bowl Sunday. Take care
Paul Hartwig Troy, I’m a native Oregonian and a life long steeler fan. Our neighborhood is having a steeler party for the superbowl and hope you have another great game. Thanks for always giving your all on the field.
Shay Miles Well done Troy. I’m a huge Steelers fan and Roseburg native. We are all very proud to see you play in the NFL these past seasons, congrats on the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl. Go Steelers!
Tori Moses Troy! You will win the Superbowl. Continue to hit hard. I love your style. They took away your interception and you held your head up HIGH . You didn’t let them get in your head. What style and grace! Go #43.
OLeary in Dallas Troy, go to Super Bowl XL and crack some skulls! It’s hero time.
Cathy Costin good job!! let’s keep up the great work.
Anthony Huizar and Aimee Baranda We just want to say keep up the big ballin. We are die hard steeler fans from Garden Grove Ca.
mark weber Outstanding job playing for the Steelers! I miss watching you play live, but T.V. is great for recaps, I see a superbowl ring in your future this season and more to come!Hope to see you when you come to Oregon for a visit.
Craig Smith Got the shirt in 3 days! Gonna wear it to Harold’s in Cave Creek for Superbowl party. 3,600 Steelers fans waiting to see you pop Alexander on his soft little head. Bring it back to Pittsburgh! One for the Thumb!
Greg and Helen Byers We are representing from Post Falls Idaho. Proud to wear black and gold. Go get em.
Valentina Pola-Tunoa okayy…if we 1st cuzzn’…Brandon n Darren…uh…does that mean we get free props of Troy!?!? hahahahahaha…….LOVELY SITE BOYS!! ALofas from Samoa…*valnmatt* Prayers for u TROYn the STEELERS!
Candy Taman Hey Troy! Im pretty sure that im your biggest fan in the state of Georgia! Just wanted to let you know that your a huge inspiration to me and I hope you let the SeaHawks feel the strength of Samoa!
Princess Malibu Talofa Everyone! Wow I know something we all have in common right of the top… we all love dat guy named Troy. Isn’t he amazing to watch? Anyways, Good Luck Troy and da rest of the fans.
Charles Rebmann Great season Troy. Lets wrap it up with a super bowl win. Stay who you are and the blessings will continue to come. I look forward to meeting you one day.
Bill Thornton Yinz were hard to find. Ran across your site on google. I can’t believe there aren’t more sites dedicated to Troy. Thanks, Bill
Koke Pomele …Good job guys, I really love my shirt and sweater.. GOOD LUCK on the SUPERBOWL “SAMOAN HEADHUNTER”…SOLE, may you have a good and fair game…GO STEELERS!!…hope to meet u someday soon…with lots of alofas..
A Big Fan Loved Troy’s comment on air about Pantene and other hair care products. Try to get the video of that on the site!
Ricardo Cornejo Troy you’re the most impressive player who ever played this game. You’re an inspiration of how things must be done. Thank you. Greetings and Regards from Mexico. God bless ya!
aaron shoop what leie, what up kenny, what up darren and brandon, troy is the mutha *#@kin $hit! he is the new bad boy in the nfl, and i am just so proud to say i taught him all i know! if anyone talks to kaio tell him i said what up
Ingrid Lake I LOVE this site! I must say that its awesome that there are other people out there who appreciate Troy as much as I do, though I still think I am your #1 fan! You’ll be GREAT in the SuperBowl!
Ingrid By the way, if the Steelers win, we’re naming our son Troy (If its a boy)! You Rock!
George Eichenlaub Troy I like your attitude and style.You know your job and you get it done no matter what.
Rob Smerick Greetings from Erie, Pa. You and the rest of the Black and Gold have a bunch of support from a rowdy gang here at St. Mary’s Club. Wishing you all the luck in XL.
island girl Troy-Not only are you an amazing player! You are also a perfect example of a passionate husband-LOVE the “RING FINGER KISS”, in the Colts game. Fasinated by the player & the man……


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